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We have new pallets ready for your project. Whether you run a factory or a retail center, our team has all the pallets you’ll ever need. Atlanta Pallet Pros offers fast and affordable new pallet services for clients in Georgia. Buying new pallets will ensure your products or shipments are on the best pallets available. Old or recycled pallets can wear out over time and could break causing damage to your shipment. Using new pallets greatly reduces this risk. If you need new pallets for your business, don’t hesitate to give our team a call. You can reach our customer service team by using the phone number or contact form on this website.


New pallets offer many advantages over used pallets. New pallets are much cleaner than used pallets. A new pallet has never been used and will be free of spills, stains, residues, and contaminants. This makes using new pallets healthier and safer than using older pallets. New pallets are less likely to break. Over time an older pallet will suffer wear and tear.  This could cause the pallet to break and damage your shipment or products. Our new pallets are incredibly durable and are less likely to break.


Heat-treated pallets are the safest pallets to use for any type of shipment. They are also required for any international shipping. Heat treating your pallets can eliminate the risk of spreading pests. It ensures your pallets are safe and can be used for the shipping of perishable items and food. Our team offers affordable heat treating services for all our pallets. If you are interested in learning more about the heat treatment process, give our team a call. We offer the best and most affordable heat-treated pallets in Atlanta.


One of the best benefits of buying new pallets is you can choose custom dimensions. While most pallets are 48X40, custom pallets can be built to match your products. Custom pallets are ideal for clients that are shipping larger items or odd-shaped items. We offer affordable custom pallet construction for our clients. Feel free to email or call us today for more info on custom-built pallets.


We have the largest stock of new pallets for sale in Atlanta. When you buy new pallets, you’ll have peace of mind. Old pallets can suffer from wear and tear and are more likely to break. This could result in damage to your products or shipments. Don’t risk damage to your items. Atlanta Pallet Pros has countless new pallets available for sale in Atlanta. We can custom design pallets to match any size as well. Are you planning to ship overseas? We can provide affordable and reliable heat treatment to ensure your new pallets are safe for shipping. Don’t hesitate to give our team a call if you want to order pallets or would like to learn more about our products.

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