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Heat treating pallets is a process that is designed to protect the environment from invasive species. Shipping pallets can travel around the world. Wood pallets are prone to insect infestations and wood diseases. If you were to ship a wood pallet with these problems around the world you risk spreading the disease or infestation. To prevent this, heat treatment was invented. The team at Atlanta Pallet Pros offers the best heat-treated pallets on the market. Our team ensures and inspects every pallet to ensure they are safe for international shipping. Feel free to email or call us today to learn more about our heat-treated pallet services.


Pallets are made of wood. Unfortunately, wood is prone to diseases and insect infestations. When you are shipping pallets that have an infestation, that infestation can spread. To prevent this problem a standard was developed. Pallets are heat-treated until they reach a core temperature of 132.8 F. This will effectively kill any insects or diseases in the wood. The pallet is then safe for transport and can be used in international shipping. Heat-treated pallets will be ISPM15 certified and carry a stamp on the pallet indicating the certification.


While a heat-treated pallet serves the same function as a normal pallet, they provide ample benefits to the environment. Insects and diseases are a major threat to the environment. Shipping a pallet that has an insect infestation across the globe could be devastating to local nightlife at the destination. We care about the environment and have the best heat-treated pallets available that can eliminate this issue. Don’t hesitate to give our team a call if you need heat-treated pallets in Atlanta, GA.


While not every shipment or storage solution needs heat-treated pallets, they can ensure your property and shipment is safe. If you are shipping domestically or storing domestically, you won’t need to have heat-treated pallets. Not sure if your project needs heat-treated pallets? Our team can help you decide if heat-treated pallets are needed. Feel free to email or call our customer service team today to order heat-treated pallets or to learn more about our pallets.


Do you need heat-treated pallets in Atlanta? Give our team a call. Heat-treated pallets are necessary for any international shipping. We have plenty of pallets ready to handle any sized shipment. Our heat treatment services are the best in the industry. Your pallets will be safe for shipping and free of any issues. The team at Atlanta Pallet Pros is available today to provide affordable heat treated pallets for your company. Feel free to email or call our customer service team today for more info or to order heat-treated pallets. We have pallets ready to be delivered to your location today.

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