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stack of wooden pallets at warehouse. pallets are used extensively in goods merchandise transportation logistic industry.

While the industry standard 48×40 pallet works for most clients, you might need something different for your products. Our team offers professional custom-built pallets for sale. Custom pallets can be designed for any dimension. Using a custom-sized pallet can help protect your goods and make it easier to move and transport your shipment. The team at Atlanta Pallet Pros offers affordable and durable custom pallets for sale. Feel free to email or call our customer service team today if you are interested in our custom pallet services. We will have your custom pallets ready in no time.


Custom pallets are pallets that match the standard 48×40 size of traditional pallets. Today’s shippers require custom solutions for their products and shipments. Customizing pallets to match your products can make storing and shipping your products easier. We can build pallets of any size and can adjust the load capacity to meet your needs as well. Do you need the pallets heat-treated for international shipping? No problem. Our custom wood pallets are a great idea for any business that ships or stores large, odd-shaped, or heavy items. Call us today to order custom-built pallets for your business in Atlanta, GA.


Using custom pallets can make your life easier. A pallet that is custom designed to your specs can help you save space in your warehouse or can make shipping your product easier. A custom-sized pallet can greatly reduce the amount of space used during storage. Custom sized pallets are better at protecting items and offer exceptional support for your goods. Using custom pallets can also help you reduce shipping costs since you’ll be moving less unneeded material. To learn more about custom pallets, don’t hesitate to give our team a call.


Are you planning to use your custom pallets to ship products internationally? We can heat-treat them so they are ready for the trip. Any pallet that is shipped internationally requires heat treatment. This process effectively kills any insects and diseases in the wood and will eliminate the risk of shipping the insects and diseases. This can save the destination from invasive insects and diseases. If you are shipping internationally, don’t hesitate to give our team a call. We can heat-treat your custom pallets.


Do you need custom pallets? You’ve come to the right place. Atlanta Pallet Pros offers affordable custom pallet design and construction services. Custom pallets can make protecting and shipping your products easier. Do you have odd-shaped or overweight products?  Our custom pallets can be tailored to match your specified size and load capacity. No worries. Our team is ready to build your custom pallets today. Don’t hesitate to give our team a call if you need one or one-thousand custom pallets. Whether you are in the shipping industry, wholesale industry, or warehousing industry, using custom pallets can greatly increase your efficiency.

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